Step 1: Install REXview - holograms at your fingertip

In order to get an Augmented Reality experience, you have to install our standard AR app called REXview on your smartphone or tablet. Please have a look which iOS and Android devices are supported.

REXview allows to create 3D holograms with your smartphone.

REXview is a simple app which allows you to manually place 3D objects in the real world, or to scan REXtags to get geo-positioned information. REXtags are printed QR codes which encode all information about information, permission, geo-positioning, and sharing information.

Step 2: Get your first 3D hologram

Once your REXview app has been installed, open it, and allow the app to access your smartphone camera. Select Scan a tag and scan the following code.

Scan this code with your device.

After the code is scanned, the 3D model gets loaded and your are able to place it on a detected surface.

A surface is detected automatically by the device by moving the smartphone in space. After the surface is detected, you should see a grid. This indicates that you can now place the model by a tap on the screen.

The 3D model was placed and the hologram is shown.

Congratulation, you just have placed your first hologram. You can easily upload your own models using our free SketchUp extension REX Instant AR.

Please make sure that you also login with your REX account credentials on your mobile device. This allows to place your own 3D holograms.

Take a look at our rexOS REST API Next